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Aura Colors & Meanings

Aura Color meanings vary depending on culture and era.

However there are some commonalities we can derive, many of which have companions among the Chakras

Please note that these correlations are generalized. You may find that your interpretation of Aura Colors differs from this list. Just as with the way colors affect psychology the symbolism of Auras often varies with personal experience, cultural perspectives and social changes.

Be sure to read our comprehensive Color Meanings descriptions so you can have an even richer understanding of the meaning of colors.

Pink or Red Aura

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The color Red is a very physical color. Red’s color meaning symbolizes our bodies’ circulation, anger issues, stress, our will and the ability to survive.

The darker the color of Red, the more intense it becomes. if you see a spot in the aura where red looks muddy, that is where a person holds anger (or the memory of something that caused ire). 

Other Reddish hues also have significance. Clear Red represents a person’s passion, energy levels and sexuality while Pink is softer affection and sensitivity.

Orange Aura

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Having a predominantly Orange Aura means that the person is creative and has tons of energy!

Orange is exciting, productive and brave. However, depending on what part of the body the color is flowing from an Orange Aura could portend of addiction issues.

Those with an Orange Aura seek to find their bliss – every day, in every way. It’s their mission in life. Hence, the possible addiction signal.

When the Orange Aura glows bright and clear, it symbolizes a person who can manifest success in ways others can only dream of.

Yellow Aura

Yellow Aura Color Meaning Symbolism 300x300

When we see a Yellow Aura you’re speaking of the inner child who remembers how to play and sees the world in a positive, innocent way. The lighter the shade of Yellow in the Aura, the more optimism exists.

Bright Yellow, however, moves into fears about how you’re being perceived particularly professionally. When Yellow moves into Gold we are talking about the Divine mind and spiritual awakening.

If the Yellow in the Aura, particularly near the head, looks muddy it represents someone who is having a lot of trouble learning something new, or someone with sleep problems. 

Green Aura

Green Aura Color Meaning Symbolism 300x300

A Green Aura can be a very healthy hue symbolizing growth, new changes and a strong connection to nature. 

Green is the most common color associated with Healer spirits, inventive souls and people with the ability to communicate effectively.

When the color is dull or brownish it implies problems with the victim mentality, struggles with culpability, the proverbial ‘green eyed” monster and general resentment about something current or something the person cannot release.

Blue Aura

Blue Aura Color Meaning Symbolism 300x300

A Blue Aura denotes someone with great compassion and the potential to become a healer of some type. These people want to reach out and have the sensitivities to simply know when something is awry.

This can be a little unnerving to people who feel their shields are rock solid – just forget it. The Auric Blue Ray is not only perceptive but also clairvoyant.

When this Auric color seems off it means that the person is hesitant to embrace their spiritual gifts and living their truth. 

Indigo or Dark Blue Aura

Indigo or Dark Blue Aura Color Meaning Symbolism 300x300

An Indigo or Dark Blue Aura ties to our emotions and also psychic senses as communicated through the 3rd eye.

The amount of Indigo in an Aura represents the level of spiritual development, magical aptitude and overall visionary acuity.

Purple moves further up the Chakra scale to the Crown. It is the most attuned area of the aura that can see and think forward in truly visionary ways.

Violet or Purple Aura

Purple Aura Color Meaning Symbolism 300x300

A Violet or Purple Aura correlates to the nervous system and the Crown Chakra. It represents sagacity, insight and vision.

Akin to Indigo it has strong spiritual and metaphysical symbolism along with revealing creativity and resourcefulness.

A Purple or Violet Aura indicates that a person is attuned vibrationally to the Divine and angelic realms. Because of this, those with a predominantly Purple Aura are likely to be powerful psychics and mediums – even if they do not offer readings professionally.

Silver Aura

Silver Aura Color Meaning Symbolism 300x300

Other colors beyond the traditional Rainbow array can appear in a person’s Aura too.

You may see Silver, which is oddly not only a prosperity color but also shows an individual’s connection to the collective unconscious. If it’s very metallic looking it shows that this person is very interested in emerging concepts.

Conversely dull Gray shows fear about personal health. Healers tell us that a lot of Gray in a specific part of the body reveals some physical problem to which to attend in that region.

Gold Aura

Gold Aura Color Meaning Symbolism 300x300

The Gold Aura goes up one notch from Silver as the color indicating an evolved soul or one who is under the safekeeping of specific spiritual entities like angels.

Such people are driven by those things that they see as being best for all humankind. They are sages and seers and, as such, often misunderstood by the mainstream.

By the time a human has reached the place where the color Gold is the predominant color of their Aura, it symbolizes they’ve transcended ego and walk with the Divine. Service to others is their highest intention.

Though soldiers and police officers must often times use brutal force, most of them (presumably) assume these roles in life because their soul lives to serve. It is not unusual to see a Gold Aura surrounding those who put their lives on the line so others may be free from harm.

White Aura

White Aura or Crystal Aura Color Meaning Symbolism 300x300

A White Aura expresses spirituality, honesty and purity. Rare is the human who has a significant amount of White in their Auric Field.

If angels walk among us (and we think they do!), their Auras would be White or Gold.

Many healers have a significant amount of White in their Aura – especially energy healers. Those that practice Reiki, Qu Gong, and Theta Healing open up as a channel for Divine energy. That energy then flows through them through to whomever needs healing. Though healing energy can be all colors, White is most associated with Divine love. This love is considered the highest and most healing of all.

Black Aura

Black Aura Color Meaning Symbolism 300x300

A Black Aura and its companion shades and hues like Dark Gray often reveals health problems. Black can also indicate emotional blockage, unresolved grief, and ruthlessness.

Those with a predominantly Black Aura are to be treated with the utmost compassion as they likely are carrying extreme trauma which could stem from the current lifetime or previous lifetimes. However, that said, seeing a Black Aura surrounding someone is also to be treated with the utmost caution.

As it’s often said, “hurt people, hurt people”. So, whether you’re an energy healer, psychic, or simply one person interfacing with another, it’s wise to exercise discernment when working within the vibration of someone who is carrying around so much darkness in their Auric Field.

Rainbow Aura

Rainbow Aura Color Meaning Symbolism 300x300

The soft colors of a Rainbow Aura show a sensitive soul. Rainbows may well be healers, individuals who are working through their first incarnation or potentially a star-seed.

Rainbow people should be handled with special care because of their extreme sensitivity. Some judge them to be weak. This is not true at all.

Those with a Rainbow Aura are ethereal beings who simply want every living thing to be surrounded by love at all times. Rainbow people gift the world with unconditional love and acceptance. In this, we think they are some of the strongest who walk among us.

Aura Colors Trivia

  • Every Aura is unique, as different as snowflakes
  • A healthy and clear Aura supports the immune system
  • There are ways to empower your Aura including practices like Yoga
  • Unlike Chakras that have distinct physical locations your Aura changes sizes

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