Angel Numbers: The Complete Guide to Their Meanings & Messages

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Most have heard of or know about about Numerology, the sacred language, and symbolism of numbers. But do you know about the Angel Numbers? We live in exciting times when the truth of Angel Numbers is entering our communal awareness. More and more Angels are reaching out with messages. This complete guide shows you how […]

999 Angel Number: What Does 999 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

Angel Number 999 is very individualistic. When we come to a solid spiritual pinnacle, it’s as unique as your fingerprint. Your aura begins to resonate with kindness and a strong desire to lead by example. There is no question that Angel Number 999 brings out the best humanitarian attributes when you are working in this […]

1212 Angel Number: What Does 1212 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

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When considering the meaning and symbolism behind Angel Number 1212, you can look at it in two ways. The first is as a combination of two 12s. Second is a coalescence of vibrations from number one (twice over) and number two (twice over). We know from studying Angelic messages that any repetition in numbers represents […]

1122 Angel Number: What Does 1122 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

Angel Number 1122 encompasses several dynamics. There is the energy of one and two as well as the vibrations of 11, 12 and 22. One represents the sacred self with all its potential and power – a beginning of something wonderful, an adventure in learning your soul’s true purpose. The appearance of 1122 in your […]

1111 Angel Number: What Does 1111 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

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Number sequences are very important in the symbolic language of Angels. The more repetition, the greater the importance of the message has that’s coming to you; this is true with Angel Number 1111. As a combination of four ones, this sequence represents fresh beginnings. Find out what else 1111 means when it begins appearing in […]

911 Angel Number: What Does 911 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

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Repeatedly seeing 911 leaves some people feeling very antsy. In the United States, this is the phone number for emergencies. It is also the date on which the Twin Towers fell under deadly attacks. We cannot wholly tie this association to 911 as an Angel Number for a very simple reason. Other countries do not […]

888 Angel Number: What Does 888 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

What does 888 mean when it appears in your life? The interpretation of this magical, spiritual number often depends on your life’s circumstances. One thing is for certain; forward movement is imminent. So, what is the meaning of 888? It’s a whole new, positive dynamic. Let’s explore to find out more! 888 Angel Number Meaning […]

777 Angel Number: What Does 777 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

In the Metaphysical world, 777 is a number of manifestation. It is all matter, both physical and spiritual. It is, on the grand scheme, the Universe and evolution in full motion. There are several ways the meaning of Angel Number 777 appearing has manifested; let’s explore this in greater depth. 777 Angel Number Meaning Table […]

666 Angel Number: What Does 666 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

When most people encounter the number 666, their response is trepidatious. People may avoid buying a home with the address of 666 or ask for a change in their phone number if it bears three consecutive sixes. This uncertainty is quite normal when we consider that the Bible says 666 is the number of an […]

555 Angel Number: What Does 555 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

So, you see the number sequence 555 everywhere. At the foundation, the number 5 vibrates with the energy of affirmative change. Multiply that by three, and 555 wakes you up with a WOW. But, what is the message that your Angels are sending? Read on to find out more! 555 Angel Number Meaning Table of […]

444 Angel Number: What Does 444 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

Angel Number 444 has begun appearing in your life. What is the message the Angels are trying to send you? The core meaning behind 444 is stability, truthfulness, and wisdom. The energy of three fours becomes the cornerstone for your goals and passions. It’s exciting and keeps you moving forward. But, what else does the […]

333 Angel Number: What Does 333 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

Three is a special Angelic Number in that it represents the Trinity, not only in Divine form but also our human triune nature of body, mind, and spirit. Triple three tells you that God and the Angels have surrounded you, offering protection and assistance. But what else does the appearance of 333 reveal? Read on […]

222 Angel Number: What Does 222 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

It takes two to tango. In this case, the two critical meanings behind Angel number 222 are belief and conviction. You have reached a lovely place in your life where everything seems completely in balance. Your spiritual life, your work, the family, recreation – all these sections fill out your personal wheel equally; this creates […]

111 Angel Number: What Does 111 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

Angel Number 111 vibrates with wisdom, sensitivity, and optimism. Wisdom cannot be taught. It comes from all the bumps and bruises you’ve endured thus far. When we learn from the past, our future becomes much more positive. You can now look at your situation with a discerning eye and begin walking through life with radiant […]

44 Angel Number: What Does 44 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

When any number begins appearing in your life, particularly in odd places, it may make you wonder. What does 44 mean, for example? What is the symbolism of the number 44 and is it telling me something important? If you are asking these questions, you are on the right track. Read on to find out […]

33 Angel Number: What Does 33 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

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The number 33 ranks highly among numbers with significance. It still holds importance in a variety of esoteric circles, religious traditions, and civilizations. The Celts, for example, believed that all things come in threes. One symbol, the Triskelion, has been part of Celtic art for eons, as a symbol of the Divine triune. In the […]

000 Angel Number: Its Meaning in Spiritual, Love, Numerology, & Biblical Significance

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Understanding the important message of Triple Zero from the Angels or Guides in your life require first reviewing the symbolism of the number Zero alone. Zero is open and infinite like a circle. Unlike other numbers, it has no exact start or finish. As a result, many mystics feel Zero is the underlying number for […]

Dreams About Someone Getting Engaged, Married, or Divorced

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Ah love… it’s on the mind of almost every human being because we crave attention and affection. As such, the subject of romance and relationships will crop up in our thoughts from time to time. And then it’s just a hop, skip and a jump for the subject to enter our dreams. But, here we’ve […]

Dreams About Being Pregnant – The Complete Guide

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So, you’ve just had a dream about pregnancy…but wait…what’s that? You say your not pregnant? No, wait… you say you’re rather uncomfortable about having the dream because you’re a man! Not to worry all is well! Having dreams where you see yourself or another person pregnant is not an unusual experience for people of any […]

Dream of Miscarriage?

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Whether you’re pregnant or not, you can still have dreams about miscarriage. No doubt you’ll find the imagery you see disturbing. You’re likely to wake startled. You may even carry real feelings of fear and grief into your conscious state. If you are pregnant, such dreams may trigger anxiety in your waking hours. If you’re […]

The Ultimate Baby Dream Guide

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The meaning of babies in dreams: it’s a universal question. By the time we’re adults, there’s a good chance we’ve had a dream about babies, birth, or pregnancy. So, what does their appearance mean? Dream storylines and the imagery share important messages. Whether you have a child in your waking life influences dream symbolism. If […]

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

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To dream about someone is to have a universal experience, but all the imagery you witness is personal. Have you ever wondered about it? At night when dreaming, your subconscious will present images. Sometimes you’ll see yourself, and other times you’ll interact with others. Yet, there’s confidence in knowing every individual you see in a […]

30 Types of Dreams & What They Mean

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Types of dreams; There are just so many of them! Each dream type is an umbrella term describing different dream experiences people have with common characteristics. In other words, two people can have a nightmare while experiencing very different visual, auditory, and physical sensations. What’s more, dream types do not affect dream diversity. Every dream […]

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying

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To dream about someone dying; you may wonder what does it mean? Okay, I know that dreaming of someone dying is one of the most unnerving dreams you’ll ever have in your life. The dream where you witness or are responsible for someone’s death are high on the chart of triggering the creep factor! It […]

Dreams about Cheating

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Dreams about cheating are not fun! They have the power to leave you shaken to your core! A strange range of emotions sweeps over you. After the dream, you may feel anything from deflated rage to disturbance. Guilt to concern and confusion are also common feelings following dreams of cheating. But, what is the point […]