Prairie Dog Totem by Sedrick Banteah (2005)


The meaning and symbolism of Dog Spirit is uniquely intertwined with humankind. Dogs were found everywhere humans settled, and were likely the very first creature that we welcomed to the Hearth as a companion. As a result, it’s not surprising that Dog Totems, Guides and Power Animals all have some common characteristics, perhaps the most powerful of which is loyalty.


The Dog Spirit is very much a pack animal –it’s tied to a person, family or group with unending understanding and love – thus the label “man’s best friend.” They are also fierce defenders of the Tribe who spiritually bear the secrets they’ve learned throughout their time with people.

When Dog begins appearing in your life, consider its demeanour. Sometimes this Spirit Guide is playful and reminds us to take some “down time” to relax. Other times a Dog Power Animal may come as a support unit for those who give of themselves too much (such as Nurses and other care givers).

Dog has impressive sense of hearing and smell. Pay attention if this Animal Spirit alerts you. He will often get a scent of trouble long before you are aware of any problem. You can trust dog not to lead you astray. With Dog as a mystical helpmate, you may find your psychic gifts growing stronger. Dog teaches you to trust those instincts so that you find your way to safety.

The message of Dog is also one of service –it’s a true language of love. Dogs give to those with whom they bond unconditionally. Dog spirit may be encouraging you to do just that – love and forgive, serve and understand. Listen actively.

In working with Dog as a Power Animal remember to respect the beauty of this energy. Don’t take advantage of it. Work with kindness in your heart, and Dog will continue to stay by your side.


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