SNAKE (COBRA) – Spirit, Totem & Power Animal


Snake as a Power Animal reminds us to live wholly in this moment. If you keep looking back, its impossible to make progress.

SIZE: 1.18 x 1.57 x 0.78″

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Snake Meaning & Symbolism

If Snake begins appearing in your life, its natural to wonder about this Spirit Guide’s meaning and symbolism. The strongest energy in Snake medicine is fertility and transformation. You may find your whole way of looking and living changes dramatically.

Those hoping to conceive children would do well to embrace their sexuality in a healthy, nurturing way with Snake Medicine as an ally. Enjoy your body and the sacredness of your passion.

Snakes shed their skin in nature in order to grow. As such, the Snake Totem embodies the entirety of our life’s cycle from birth to death and every meaningful moment in between. Pay attention throughout this process. Something may end, but something new begins afterward that’s better. Snake guides you through the processes gracefully.

Those people born with a Snake Totem are in a constant state of shifting. This mutable trait comes in handy when life throws a pot hole in the way. Snake people feel things very deeply and tend to keep one foot on the ground no matter what. The Snake Totem is also very charismatic and quite the sweet talker.

Use the symbolism and meaning of Snake as a Power animal when you need awareness. Snake will warn you of trouble, and become an ally when you are trying to develop your psychic aptitudes. When walking with snake be ready for change to come at you head-on. Don’t be frightened. Stand strong and know that after the storm there is something wonderful on the other side just waiting for you get shake off your old skin. Note too that Snake Medicine is very powerful for Light Workers who practice healing arts. It is for this reason that Snake became part of the Caduceus, representing renewal.


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