RAM – Spirit, Totem & Power Animal


One of the most consistent meaning and symbolism for Ram Spirit Animal throughout the world is that of raw determination. Rams and Goats both traverse dangerous paths successfully where other skilled navigators would stumble and fall. When Ram enters your life your leadership skills take a huge leap forward as does your gutsy spirit.

SIZE: 1.18x 1.57 x 0.78″

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Ram or Goat Meaning & Symbolism

People with Ram Totem can be nearly as stubborn as Bull and with good reason. Ram medicine requires fortitude, fearlessness and a clear present of mind to jump on opportunities. Ram simply seems to never run out of resourcefulness.

Ram appears in Chinese Astrology where His relationship to persistence continues. Ram always has a mission but it comes with sensitivity, strength and courage that inspire everyone around him. Ram, of need, has good health and positive energy in abundance. Ram people have a drive and thirst for living life that’s remarkable.

It is the power of the Ram Spirit that endeared it to various God figures including notably Apollo, Zeus and Hermes. In religious settings the Ram often relates to Gods’ dominion and surety. After all, one cannot mount the likes of Olympus without good footing!

Goat and Ram were both often domesticated and used as a source of food and clothing. This gives this Animal Spirit the additional symbolism of providence and on-going stability in the home or business. When working with Ram energies, establish a firm spiritual foundation first then move forward. While Goat walks easily on rocky ledges, any project worth pursuing needs a strong cornerstone.

If you seek out the Ram as a power animal, He will guide you into aspects of your nature that you never truly explored. This journey leads to the truest self. Along the way Ram does not abandon any aspect of the body-mind-spirit equation because all three fuel your insights. Follow the Ram and uncover greater creativity and imagination every day.


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