PIG – Spirit, Totem & Power Animal


The meaning and symbolism of Pig Spirit is complex. On one hand, we often see Pig as a source of nourishment. This connection was recognized by many ancient civilizations including the Celts, Egyptians and Chinese. Additionally these cultures associated Pig with fertility – both metaphorical and physical. In fact, many of the Mother Goddesses had a female Pig as an emblem or sacred creature.

SIZE: 1.18x 1.57 x 0.78″

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Pig or Boar Meaning & Symbolism

In the Far East and in Europe a Pig Animal Spirit brings luck, often of a financial nature. Perhaps that is why piggy banks have always been a fun, honored way to save money. The only caution with Pig medicine is that, if misused, some people find themselves over-indulging, leading to wonton sexual activity, spending sprees and laziness.

Individuals born with a Pig Totem are naturally abundant and likely to have many children. They have uncanny good fortune with money, and a highly maternal nature. Pig people constantly replenish their homes and energetically “feed” people with warmth and intelligent insights.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Boar/Pig represents the sincerest of intention. Pig is honorable, honest and incredibly tenacious. Among the Greeks and Native Americans Pig has strong ties with nature and farming. Pig’s energy supports a healthy, abundant crop. In modern terms, working with Pig as a power animal helps with manifestation and completion. The Japanese see courage and dignity in this Animal Spirit.

A wild Pig (or Boar) is a solar animal with strong masculine overtones. Bravery and kindness course through its veins. Warriors in various cultures sometimes put an image of Pig on their armor as an amulet for protection and strength.

When Pig enters your life, it will be filled with swift, aware movement. Pig gives you the determination to weather any situation without falling in the mud. When you are uncertain about the right, best thing to do – trust Pig to guide you.


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