Tumbled Carnelian (India)


SIZE: 3/4-7/8”

Carnelian Meaning

On a heart level there's nothing that does a melancholy spirit more good than the fiery energy of carnelian. This healing crystal offers the “attitude of gratitude” that acts like a sweet salve on the sourest of souls. It reignites passion and optimism in the hearts of those who've become numb and disillusioned.

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Carnelian Healing Properties

In Feng Shui carnelian triggers protective and prosperous energies. Since this is shaped like a heart, place it in the southwest part of your home to safeguard your relationship and the overall wealth of the family. Note: it’s nice to have one heart to represent each person under your roof.

As a talisman outside the home carry this carnelian heart for a boost of determination and stick-to-itiveness or when daily pressures become impracticable to the point of stealing your Power. This is also an excellent spiritual gift for someone starting a new venture, bringing them better prospects for financial success.

  • Mind: Positive attitudes; Joyful perspectives; Humor; Anger management; Boldness; Motivation; Overcoming repression
  • Body: Sexual energy flow; Physical vibrancy; Improved appetite and digestion; Renewal; Fertility
  • Spirit: Boosting weary spirits; Embracing new cycles; Spiritual love and acceptance; Intuition; Healing spiritual trauma

Carnelian Metaphysical Properties

Carnelian Properties

  • Color: Pale orange to reddish brown
  • Mining Locations: Brazil, Germany, India, Scotland, Slovakia, UK, USA
  • Mineral Class: Silicates
  • Family: Chalcedony
  • Crystal System: Trigonal
  • Chemical Composition: (SiO2) Silicon Dioxide w/ inclusions
  • Hardness: 7


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