Tumbled Blue Chalcedony


SIZE: 1 1/4″

Blue Chalcedony Meaning

As a part of the Quartz family Blue Chalcedony has a natural association with directing energy, but not quite the zap of Clear Quartz. It is a very mellow mystical stone.

There is a sense of hospitality and in this crystal spirit that reminds us of the power of silence. In stillness, God finds our minds and hearts.

Blue Chalcedony Healing Properties

Some call this a “speaker’s stone” especially when you need to watch your tongue. Its calming effect keeps you from directing anger and negativity into communications.

Better still, Blue Chalcedony symbolizes openness toward new concepts, making it an excellent helpmate in meditation and ritual.

  • Mind: Wisdom; Self forgiveness; Allaying grief; Patience; Acceptance; Confidence; Optimism; Decreasing panic attacks
  • Body: Soothing inflammation; Fighting allergies; Milk Production for new mothers; decreasing inflammation; General vitality
  • Spirit: Communicating with Guardian Angel; Improved meditation; Past Life memory; Auric healing

This magical crystal is a peace-maker, that includes making peace with yourself.

When you need a greater sense of self worth carry it with you often. Remember that our thoughts impact us physically and spiritually.

Negativity can block what you’re trying to accomplish or manifest itself in dis-ease (hyphen purposeful).

Blue Chalcedony Metaphysical Properties

  • Chakras: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th)
  • Element: Water
  • Numerology: Number 9
  • Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius
  • Crystal Energy: Inner Balance, Calm, Clear and fluid communication

Blue Chalcedony Properties

  • Color: Blue
  • Mining Locations: Austria, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, New Zealand, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, UK, USA
  • Mineral Class: Silicates
  • Family: Quartz
  • Crystal System: Trigonal
  • Chemical Composition: (SiO2) Silicon Dioxide
  • Hardness: 7


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