Red-Gold Quartz Hearts (N. India near Himalayas)


Red Gold Quartz Meaning

Quartz has many faces ranging from rutilated and the classic points to beautiful red-gold hearts. As a quartz the red-gold version has all the properties and symbolism of clear quartz including energy amplification and direction, symmetry, facilitation, healing and focus. The color of this healing crystal is what sets it apart from the rest of the quartz family.

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Red Gold Quartz Healing Properties

A red-gold heart makes an ideal relationship stone. It brings harmony between people, and not simply romantic. Anyone wanting cooperation and an end to strife can work with this stone. It deters negative emotions and energies and radiates hopefulness.

As a red stone, the fire element is very present here. When you want to light a proverbial burner under a stagnating project, this stone gets things moving in the right direction. The gold tones suggest that leaders and teachers, medicine people and light workers alike would find Sacred support by carrying this regularly.

  • Mind: Attentiveness; Clarity; Concentration; Overcoming depression and anxiety; Creative solutions
  • Body: Vitality; Purging toxins; Joint and bone problems; Endurance; Sexual dysfunction
  • Spirit: Harmony; Meditation; Purification; Scrying; Dream work; Law of attraction
Red-Gold Quartz Hearts

45-55mm x 40-45mm, 50-60mm x 45-50mm, 60mm x 50-55mm


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