Nuummite Hearts (Greenland)


SIZE: 20mmx 20mm

Nuummite Meaning

Nuummite is a somewhat rare stone. This healing stone was known to our ancestors and treasured for its luminescent qualities that brought out different dramatic hues depending on the way you turn it. These varying colors give Nuummite the symbolic value of transformation and tying together loose ends for facilitating personal or group outcomes.

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Nuummite Healing Properties

When you’re stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place, Nuummite is a great collaborator. It stimulates your mind for critical thinking and creative problem solving while keeping your emotions from running amok. Like any of the dark crystals and minerals, there is underlying energy that grounds and reconnects you with Mother Earth.

Nuummite vibrates with strong masculinity. For someone wanting to connect or utilize Yang energies, meditate with this strong healing crystal. Combined with sitting facing South while the sun is shining you’ll discovered renewed energy for fast action.

  • Mind: Inspiring faith; Enhanced mental capacity; Releasing guilt
  • Body: Stabilizing body functions; Alleviating blockages; Strength; Blood and infection purification
  • Spirit: Elemental magick; Spell turning (or negativity); Traversing the Dreamtime; Attracting luck


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