Gold Quartz Hearts (N. India near Himalayas)


Gold Quartz Meaning

Often referred to as a Golden Healer, the gold quartz resonates with your Crown Chakra. It represents wellness, comfort, psychic healing and balanced chakras. When you need an amplifier in your spiritual tools gold quartz is an impeccable choice. When you find a rutile sample, the energy amps up even further.

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Gold Quartz Healing Properties

This is a fantastic crystal for leaders seeking to manifest a specific objective in the physical plane.

The heart shaped gold quartz connects your thoughts and feelings to the Higher Self and or Divine muse. Artistic seers love this stone for that reason. The creative potential is limitless as the Cosmos.

Those struggling without outmoded habits would do well to use the golden healer as an auric cleanser. The additional benefit here is that so doing removes discord and re-establishes mind-body-spirit harmony and helps in understanding Divine will / the Fates.

Note: gold quartz should not be confused with yellow quartz or tangerine quartz, which have a similar appearance but different energetic effects.

  • Mind: Effective messages; Joy; Forgiveness; Allaying depression and ire; Confidence; Adventurous ideas
  • Body: Vital life force; Digestion; Nausea; Immunity; Thyroid dysfunctions; Supports body systems; Improved energy
  • Spirit: Cleansing; Clearing blockage; Healing; Spirit communication; Raising general vibrations: Strengthening psychic abilities; Balance Yin-Yang energy

Gold Quartz Metaphysical Properties

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Gold Quartz Properties

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