Indigo Gabbro Hearts – Flat (Madagascar)


SIZE: 40mm x 35mm

Gabbro Meaning

Don’t let this plain Jane of the crystal world fool you by appearances. This basalt-like stone packs a formidable wallop for grounding. The symbolism here is simple: earth energy at its finest. When you want to anchor or bridge vibrations, Gabbro literally ‘grabs’ the job. Spiritual and energy healers will love the amplification abilities.

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Gabbro Healing Properties

By carrying or using Gabbro hearts you bring your emotions, mind and spiritual awareness back into attunement with each other as tidily as a good radio frequency. It is very effective as a sleeping stone that tones down daily aggravation and auric dirt, channeling it back into the Mother.

As a complex stone made up of several minerals each piece of Gabbro will have slightly different feelings. The Magnetite makes it a stone of attraction. What is it that you want to bring into your life in a slow, mindful way? Serpentine offers transformation. Shed that old skin and figure out a sound path with reasonable goals. Gabbro partners well with both of these healing stones as well as with Amazonite and Labradorite.

  • Mind: Overcoming distraction; Learning and inspiration; Moderating ego and violent or controlling tendencies
  • Body: Headaches; Dizziness; Fever; Infection; Bruising
  • Spirit: Earth element attunement; Grounding; Earth changes; Light work


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