BUFFALO Spirit, Totem & Power Animal


The grand and sacred Buffalo Spirit is perhaps most precious among Native American tribes where its key symbolism and meaning is abundance.

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Buffalo Meaning & Symbolism

The early tribes trusted Buffalo for so many aspects of life from clothing and tools to food and shelter. If Buffalo disappeared, it was considered a terrible omen that could unravel the very fabric of the tribe.

In the wild, the Buffalo needs space. They have roaming hooves, and have no issue with breaking down barriers in their way. Thus when Buffalo Animal spirit comes to you it’s time to ask yourself about what restrictions you’ve gotten yourself into. Time to stretch out your legs and liberate yourself. Freedom calls.

Those born with a Buffalo totem typically impact their environment in some way. They proverbially kick up the prarie, which moves plants and seeds and aerates the land. This brings richer growth not only for Buffalo but for the people and situations He encounters.

Buffalo Animal Spirit is a herd creature. They do not like to move alone. One of the messages of Buffalo is that you need not remain solitary. In fact, there is greater security in the company of those who understand you. Within the group environment endeavor discover the power of cooperation and mutually respectful participation.

Buffalo spirit offers abundance. It may be gifts coming your way, a raise at work, or a generous gesture from a stranger. The idea of “paying it forward” is definitely in Buffalo’s wheel house. When you live your truth, you can also stand your ground without conflict and attract blessings. The only caution is that Buffalo can be somewhat Bull headed about their vision. A beast that weighs some 2,000 pounds can become quite formidable when it digs in its heels.

Finally, Buffalo Power Animals teach us the value of gratitude, prayerfulness and mindful action. Giving thanks spreads abundance and joy. Walk the sacred path with honor.

Buffalo Stone Animal Figurine

African Picture Jasper Buffalo, Kambaba Jasper Buffalo, Opalite Buffalo


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